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Situps Suck

Maybe a few more crunches will do it.

Maybe a few more crunches will do it.

No matter what you call it-a six pack, a tight tummy or ‘the core’-everyone wants a well-defined, strong midsection.

Not only is it a crucial and often underdeveloped area in the realm of physical performance and injury prevention, great abs also signal fitness, virility and strength to those around us. In short, it’s an important step on the path to looking good naked.

How many people around you actually have this kind of midsection? Probably not very many. Is that “I don’t have a six-pack, I’ve got a keg” joke ever really funny? It’s more sad than anything.

Why? Why is it that something that so many people want is so difficult to attain?

Consider for a moment the possibility that the conventional wisdom regarding abdominal training and getting lean in general is, well, not actually wisdom. It’s pluralistic ignorance.

Around two-thirds of Americans are overweight. Half of those are obese. That means really fat. Not just a bit thick. And overweight ain’t too pretty either. Now, out of that one-third that isn’t overweight, how many of them are actually strong, lean and healthy?

When it comes to attaining this goal of a lean, strong midsection, the conventional wisdom comes from the consensus of the majority. Think about that. The overweight majority. If the method that was effective was the method that everyone used, wouldn’t everyone be lean and have the body they desired? Yes, they would. Or quite nearly.

The simple truth is that what everyone does is not what works.

What does the majority do when they want to lose weight, or get a leaner tummy?

Eat less. Run more. Do a bunch of situps and crunches.

Eating less. Wrong.

Running more. Wrong.

Situps and crunches. Hmm... Also wrong.

There is a better way. It’s a clear, easily defined path. It’s not necessarily easy to carry out. Breaking from conventionality seldom is. It’s also not the same thing that everyone else is doing.

But it works.

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