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GORUCK Training and Tough Mudder Training

GORUCK Training and Tough Mudder Training The two most common online clients that Jon Pope and I coach are men going into special operations selection training and those getting ready for adventure races like GORUCK, Tough Mudder or the Death Race. Most of my adult life has been dedicated to the special operations world. The training philosophies …

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Note: If you haven’t yet read the post on complexity and fractals you should start there. It’s a curious aspect of knowledge that both ends of the development spectrum, from naive beginner to well-versed expert, are marked by simplicity. Bruce Lee once said, “Before I studied the art, a punch was just like a punch, a kick …

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The Fat Gene

The fat gene? What role does genetic heritability play in body composition? In his book, The Agile Gene: How Nature Turns on Nurture, Matt Ridley explains the falsehood of the nature versus nurture debate: “…It is genes that allow the human mind to learn, to remember, to imitate, to imprint, to absorb culture, and to express …

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