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Two a days


How to create a two-a-day exercise program that keeps you out of the gym. A common request I get is for workout tips while traveling. Many people have a good routine going at home and are able to eat and train consistently in their familiar gyms and in their own kitchen or at the restaurants …

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The Secret

I am going to tell you the best-kept secret to ultimate health and fitness. With this one piece of special information, you’ll have pain-free joints, ripped abs and the muscles you’ve always been after. You’d better have a pen to write this down because this one inside tip will finally unlock the door to maximum …

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test workouts and performance under stress

Test Workouts and Performance Under Stress

Stephane Roberts interviewed me a while ago along with Mark Twight, Martin Rooney and Dan John to contribute for a TMuscle article called Pushing the Limits. He asked me for my thoughts on the “test” workouts to push mental and physical capacity to a breaking point. Here’s my portion of the interview: “I don’t like most …

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An Outside Expert

I’m pretty good at assessing and writing programs for clients. It’s something I do daily, as I have for years. I’ve successfully trained people doing everything from rehabbing shattered shoulder blades to winning a Bellator Fighting World Championship. There is one person though, that I really just shouldn’t write programs for: Myself. It’s incredibly difficult …

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Combat Psychology and Sports Performance

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face.” — Mike Tyson Picture a large plastic zip tie, about an inch wide. The smaller versions are sometimes used to tie garbage bags; soldiers and police officers use the large ones to restrain people. Anyone could figure out how to thread a zip tie: …

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squirrel pullups

Squirrel Pullups

The first consideration taken when including any exercise in one’s program is its purpose. You must know what movement pattern and energy systems are being trained, and then you must know how to correctly perform the movement in order to get that effect. In the case of a staple movement like pullups, the primary movements …

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