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test workouts and performance under stress

Test Workouts and Performance Under Stress

Stephane Roberts interviewed me a while ago along with Mark Twight, Martin Rooney and Dan John to contribute for a TMuscle article called Pushing the Limits. He asked me for my thoughts on the “test” workouts to push mental and physical capacity to a breaking point. Here’s my portion of the interview: “I don’t like most …

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Building the Pattern

  This video is from the Red Bull Rampage Downhill Mountain Bike competition held periodically in Virgin, Utah. It’s an amazing sight. These guys are taking what many of us assume to be a relatively simple process-riding a bicycle-and bringing it to a level of skill and fearless precision that is almost inhuman. Their rides …

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Play – Do Something Novel Today One of the biggest things lacking in American culture is play; doing something unscripted, unregulated, solely because it’s entertaining. By this I don’t mean video games. I have no doubt that people spend plenty of time staring at repetitive flashing lights on a screen. I’m talking about the sort …

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