a scam by any other name

A Scam by Any Other Name

What’s the difference between a pyramid scam and a multi-level marketing scheme? I occasionally check out supplements mentioned by clients or readers. It’s become a bit of a hobby because so much of the industry is inundated with overpriced, under-dosed supplements being peddled as part of various pyramid schemes. Wait, they’re not called pyramid schemes …

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know your salmon

Know Your Salmon

Wild salmon consist of five distinct species. Each of those species has different characteristics for taste, texture, color and nutritional content. I once spent a summer in Bristol Bay Alaska working with Spearfish’s Corey Brost on his salmon fishing crew, and learned to quickly identify each species. Corey and Fisher Brost King, or Chinook salmon …

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healing power of lard

The Healing Power of Lard

The healing power of lard? If you’ve paid much attention to nutrition in the past few years, you’ll know that the saturated-fat is-evil-eat-more-wonderbread-food-pyramid lipid hypothesis has been pretty solidly disproven. Yes, there will always be a few diehards clinging to what the USDA taught them in grade school, but not too many people are still convinced that …

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fairy dust

Fairy Dust

Fairy dust? I frequently get requests from friends and clients for advice on supplements that they’re taking. Often, what they’re taking is ridiculously overpriced, under-dosed and at times even counterproductive. There are quite a few reasons behind this, but for this article I’m going to focus on one concept in particular. Dubious manufacturers in the …

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Real Food

Protein shakes have been a dietary staple of mine for much of my life. I loathe MRE’s; the “Meals Ready to Eat” given to military personnel in the field consisting of roughly a thousand calories of mostly flour, soybean oil and corn syrup. On deployments I would often live exclusively on meal replacement shakes, flax …

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