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Things We Like: Craig’s Edition

Things We Like – Craig’s Edition

Patagonia Loulu shoes

These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned, have no heel rise, are passably dressy and feel like wearing moccasins.


I constantly come across articles online that I want to get around to reading but doing so in the middle of my day kills productivity. Pocket allows me to almost instantly archive anything I come across online and read it all in one batch a few times per week on my iPad, even without internet access. Great for reading material on flights.


Matt Chandra is a rugby-playing client of ours in Denver and owns this local restaurant featuring Native American cuisine. The bison ribs (pictures above) at Tocabe are delicious, the wildberry barbecue sauce is even better, and you feel like Fred Flintstone gnawing on them. Perfect

Ninja Blender

About a hundred bucks and can obliterate anything softer than a cinder block. I have no idea how anyone deals with a normal blender after using one of these. (Yup, that’s an affiliate link.)

Daphne Mosko – Structural Integration Therapy

Daphne is a structural integration therapist based in Denver. This is the system based on the concept detailed in the book Anatomy Trains. Her skill as a practitioner is on another level entirely beyond anyone I’ve ever worked with. Injuries I’ve long since forgotten about and gotten used to dealing with have disappeared permanently and I feel a level of mobility and freedom that I hadn’t really thought possible. She regularly works small miracles with many of our clients and I know of at least two women from our facility who have done a session with her, gone home and cried because it was the first time they had been totally free of pain in a decade. There is no better testimonial than that.

Daphne Mosko
Progress pictures from one of Daphne’s clients.

Olympic Lifting at Catalyst

Jon and I spent three days at an advanced Olympic lifting seminar at Greg Everett’s Catalyst gym in California and it was astonishing to see the difference between true Olympic caliber athletes and coaching and pretty much anything else one sees being done in Olympic lifting. One of the most striking things: The crappy oly lifting one sees at most gyms produces girls with joint pain and burly man-traps. The girls who train at this gym have feminine athletic physiques, big quads, butts that would make a Brazilian bikini model feel inadequate and can clean and jerk close to a hundred kilos. If you’re involved in oly lifting, do yourself a favor and spend some time learning the fine points from pros.

Wind Tunnels

I recently found my way into Denver Skyventure for a few flights in a wind tunnel. It’s a perfect way to develop freefall skills and the really experienced jumpers here are incredible. Even if you never plan on jumping out of an airplane, it’s a great experience and a lot of fun.

Coconut butter

Roughly the same nutritional values as coconut oil plus some extra fiber. Coconut butter is made from pureed coconut flesh and adds a pleasant texture and change of pace to shakes. I blend it with a huge pile of almond butter, a square or two of organic high cacao chocolate, ice cubes and chocolate protein powder.

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