July ’16 Member of the Month Angie Davis

Congratulations to our July Member of the Month, Angie Davis!  Angie is pictured with the Cadre of her second GoRuck Challenge after earning patch.

Angie’s Story

“My adventure with Barefoot Fitness began in April 2015.  I’ve gone to other gyms off and on my entire life, have always been active – hiking and playing tennis – so hey, what did I have to lose?  Little did I know, the Watertown BF instructors were going to turn my life upside down!!

After my free week, I was hooked!  I kept going back – this was different from the other gyms I’ve been to.  This is a support group, a group of friends – not a bunch of people who make you feel self-conscience for putting forth your best effort.  The instructors were nice, helpful, and actually wanted to see you succeed.

It didn’t take long to notice the little things – it was easier to piggyback my kids while hiking, and my tennis serve was stronger and faster. I had more energy to run after my very active young boys.

Oh, and I actually got to walk my dog for a change. Usually he walks me. I have a husky – and yes, he was bred to pull!

Shortly after starting at Barefoot, some of the members talked about this event they had done – a GORUCK challenge.  I listened to their stories and thought a) they were all insane, and b) there is NO WAY that I could do that.  I mean, really, what sort of normal person purposely carries a log on their shoulders for miles, and crawls through the mud and muck, and does PT in the water in the middle of the night?  Crazy.

Winter came and went. I kept going to Barefoot. I had the support to keep going, and I wasn’t bored.  Let’s face it – you can only do so many treadmill miles before enough is enough. I noticed I was stronger – more fit than when I started. I was a happier person.

Then Abby posted:  “GORUCK challenge in Omaha – who’s in?” I did something I never would have done before Barefoot Fitness (and I did it quickly, before I had a chance to really think about what I was doing) – I signed up!

On April 1st, I rucked almost 20 miles, with a group of people who quickly became friends.  I jumped in a lake that was only just above freezing (it was only 28 degrees outside). I did pushups in that water.  And yes, I carried that horrible log.  And then it was over.  I did it!  I went home, thought about what I had done, and how amazing it was, and signed up to do it all over again. On July 1, I went to Minneapolis, and completed my second GORUCK challenge.  Now sitting here reflecting on that one, I’m wondering – when’s the next one?  I’m addicted. I have goals to get better, and to be stronger before the next one.  I have a way to get there and a support group to push me!  I have Barefoot Fitness!!

That’s the power that Barefoot Fitness gives you – the power to do the things you want to do, to do the things you never thought possible, to motivate you to be your best, to carry out your unique life adventure – whatever it may be!

Thank you Barefoot Fitness!!!!”

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