June 2016 Member of the Month- Greg Albrechtsen

The June member of the month is Greg Albrechtsen of Spearfish!  His results during the fat loss contest were amazing!  He and his wife, Mary Beth, are perfect examples of living an active lifestyle.  Congrats Greg!

“I had reached a plateau in my level of fitness and weight management.  I had been going to another local gym and cycling a lot. I was making very small gains and becoming so bored with the workouts, motivation was pretty low.
After doing some “Googling” I found Barefoot, read a few of the stories and decided to give it a try.  I’ll be honest, after the first day I wasn’t totally hooked.  The workout was very different than what I had been doing. It was very different than anything I had ever done. Because I got a full week for free, I really wanted to give it a go.

Besides, there’s an old saying “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you always get what you’ve got.”

After only the 3rd workout, I was HOOKED.  I loved the group environment, variety of exercises, and ability to customize each exercise to match my own intensity.  Additionally, I was so impressed by the level of attention the trainers provided to new and existing members.  Never have I seen so much enthusiasm and help in a “gym” environment.

Recently we (Barefoot Spearfish) had a fitness and weight loss competition. I thought sure I’ll see what I can do to become a little more fit and stronger. In the beginning, I had plans to hit barefoot 4x/week, throw in lots of cardio (i.e. cycling) and live in a calorie deficient state (i.e burn more than I ate). I was going to hit it hard!  During this time my work travel ramped up, getting to Barefoot 4x/wk, riding my bike, and eating less just wasn’t cutting it.

Again, I was not making the gains I had hoped. Something had to change.  It wasn’t until I fully empowered the beliefs of barefoot NUTRITION and fitness did I make the gains I’d hoped.

The concepts of Barefoot keep you centered on what really matters: Proper nutrition and regular exercise.

I turned the old beliefs truly upside down. Namely, the old beliefs of high carbs and high cardio for weigh loss and performance went right out the door. I switched to consistently doing just Barefoot 3x/wk (added in some travel workouts were needed-Thanks Kelli) , greatly reduced my carbohydrate intake while increasing quality fats and protein.  I didn’t count calories.  I ate when hungry.

Surprise to me, in the last month I was able to achieve beyond what I even imagined possible. I went from 11.9% body fat to 5.4% !!!

So, what’s the point of all this?  Barefoot and healthy eating ALONE works!!  You really don’t need anything else to get you in shape.”

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