October ’15 Member of the Month- Scott Kopplin

Scott Kopplin is October’s member of the month.  If you’ve ever had the opportunity to be in class with Scott, you no doubt were entertained and/or motivated by him!  He’s always good for making us laugh and having fun.

Scott is a member of our Spearfish location.   Here’s a little about his journey with us:

“I have been going to Barefoot Fitness since 2011.  I played organized football for ten years, and although I never sustained any major injuries, I am afraid that college football took its toll on me.  I lifted weights all through college, and I continued to lift weights well after my college days were over.  But just lifting weights is not a good strategy for controlling weight gain.

My wife is an avid runner, but I am not.  I have used distance running, in the past, to maintain weight control, but once again, that strategy did not work for me.  In 2011, when I started at Barefoot Fitness, I saw immediate results.  The combination of weights and cardio was a good fit for me, and I soon became friends with the group that I work out with.

I have participated in fat loss contests, and even won one of them.  But in the months that follow these contests, I always gain the weight back.

I am the prime example of the saying ‘You cannot out exercise your diet.’

This is the aspect of my life where Kelli has really helped me.  She provided me with a nutrition analysis, and gave me advice about a healthier diet.  Although I have not been the best student, Kelli has been persistent, and has given me the advice and support that has helped me lose thirty pounds.  I know that this just a good start, and with Kelli’s help, my goal is another thirty pounds.

If I was not a member of Barefoot Fitness, my health would not be nearly as good as it is.  Thank you, Kelli and the Barefoot Staff, for working with me, pushing me, and educating me.  Becoming a member of Barefoot Fitness has given me a life change, in the right direction.”
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