September ’15 Member of the Month- Megan Gruman

Congratulations to Megan Gruman for being selected as the Member of the Month!

Megan shared with me how she has noticed significant improvements in her body’s ability to recover after long working days along with improved mental focus.  I want you to hear her story.

“August 2014 I made the decision to try Barefoot….  Walking thru the door for the first time is the best decision I’ve ever made for my health!

Like many others I had tried but never stuck with other gyms and workout programs.  I was skeptical about if I would be in good enough shape to even start at Barefoot…. I remember the first day of swings, followed by trying to learn get-ups and leaving after that initial class thinking “What have I gotten myself into?” ….

Soon my “addiction” set in.  The want to exercise, the want to get stronger, the want to learn new and try new things, and the want to hang out with my Barefoot family.  Now class is a regular part of my weekly routine.

I need to exercise to feel balanced and maintain focus and mental clarity.

I’ve started living by the philosophy “Don’t exercise because you hate your body and want to change it, exercise because you love your body and want to do something good for it.” Barefoot has changed my way of thinking about being in shape, not just to be a certain size or number on the scale but to be healthy and to live a life without having physical limitations.

This summer I had a true aha moment.  After 10 years of working at Cookin’ on Kampeska (which means 16-18 hours of days on your feet, carrying heavy stuff in 90 degree weather… tough on someone who has an office job!) something this year was different.  When I woke up to head back to the park on Saturday I could move! I wasn’t stiff, my joints didn’t hurt! I had energy!  …. I attribute that to Barefoot!

I’m so excited to see what year number two has in store for me at Barefoot!”




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