Sleep, Stress and Salmon

Our bodies function best on deep, clean cycles of highs and lows. When we engage fully and recover deeply we get more done and feel happier while doing it.

Studies on elite performers like Olympic athletes and Navy SEALs show that their peak performance isn’t just from hard work or mental toughness.

Top performance — sustained top performance — comes from recovery.  Real recovery. Something which few of us truly enjoy.

Modern life means that most of us live in the gray zone. We’re never engaged in a single task, and we’re never disengaged in something rejuvenating.

We browse news and check instant messages while working. We glance at incoming emails on our phone during dinner.

That’s where I was in 2009.

It was the first year of running my first business. I would wake before sunrise and start juggling countless tasks and “fires.” I’d finally go to sleep while tabulating to-do lists in my head.

When we spend our day “putting out fires” we stay in a mild stress-response.

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