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The Secret to Perfect Pull-Ups: Revealed!

Want to know the secret to perfect pull-up technique?

Abby and Jess from Barefoot Watertown finally reveal the closely-guarded top secret methods known only to them, a small group of professional ninjas (trainers hate them!) and Steven Seagal.

[vimeo 143271432]

Ok, don’t actually do those things. We’re just playing around here.

This was filmed while putting together some other videos for an article we ran on T-Nation about how to do pull-ups.

Pull-up are a challenge for anyone, and women in particular often struggle with them. There have even been articles in the past rationalizing that females just aren’t physically capable of them. That’s nonsense, of course.

Anyone, male or female, can eventually do a good pull-up if they’ve got a good system, the right environment and put in the time for long enough. It’s not easy, and it’s almost never a quick process, but you can get there.

To read the full article on T-Nation, go here. ( )

A quick note here: The title of this article is a bit misleading. To be honest, it was tough to come up with a good title for this topic, and this is what the editors eventually settled on. We’re not saying that you have to meet some arbitrary gym exercise standard to be a “real woman” (whatever that means). You’re a “real woman” regardless of what you do in a gym or whether you even work out at all. The point of this article is that women are just as capable of the physical strength needed to do good pull-ups as men are.


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