Note: If you haven’t yet read the post on complexity and fractals you should start there. It’s a curious aspect of knowledge that both ends of the development spectrum, from naive beginner to well-versed expert, are marked by simplicity. Bruce Lee once said, “Before I studied the art, a punch was just like a punch, a kick

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The Secret

I am going to tell you the best-kept secret to ultimate health and fitness. With this one piece of special information, you’ll have pain-free joints, ripped abs and the muscles you’ve always been after. You’d better have a pen to write this down because this one inside tip will finally unlock the door to maximum

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back in the box

Back In the Box

I recently finished reading Why Zebras Dont Get Ulcers, by Robert Sapolsky. It’s an illuminating and fairly technical book covering the multitude of ways that chronic stress slowly debilitates and eventually kills you and what to do about it. I took a lot of notes throughout the book on things like the impact of exercise on

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