They All Wound

Endurance Training – They All Wound

Endurance Training When it comes to endurance training, the ultimate ceiling of what you’re capable of is quite high. Evolutionarily, we’re the most efficient runners on earth. Well-trained humans can run animals like gazelles to death in the heat. Your perspective, as well as some interactive physiological limitations and things like your injury history, often […]

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World's Best Surf School

Surf Simply: What the World’s Best Surf School Can Teach You About Exercise Programs

  July 4th, 2014, Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica It’s early morning, and already it’s been a great day. I’ve just ridden a massive wave, paddled back out through the surf, and am sitting on my board resting and waiting for the next one. On his board nearby sits Ru Hill, the founder of Surf Simply,

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Workout Motivation

Need workout motivation? Here’s how to feel more motivated.

Need workout motivation? Too tired to feel like working out, and thinking of waiting until you feel better to get going? Here’s why that logic – which is a common and natural assumption – will work against you. We can’t feel our way into behaving differently. We behave our way into feeling differently.  ———— Several

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signaling and biases

Signaling and Biases

The appeal of a can of Red Bull does not lie in its materials. It did not become popular because it contains 80 milligrams caffeine plus some sugar and amino acids. It took off because the brand was associated with freefalling skydivers, cliff-dropping mountain bikers, weekend loonies launching homemade gliders off a pier and heavy-drinking partiers. Anyone

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implicit knowledge

Implicit Knowledge

Translating subconscious skill and implicit knowledge into conscious action A substantial portion of the knowledge one acquires over the course of a lifetime is implicit, meaning that is stored and recalled subconsciously. This includes most motor patterns used throughout the spectrum of physical activities, from pedaling a bicycle to shooting a basketball. In his book, Incognito:

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In his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion Dr. Robert Cialdini brings up a study conducted to measure “unthinking compliance.” In the study, a researcher asks a subject if she can cut in line to make copies and phrases the request in one of three ways. Request 1: “Excuse me, I have five pages. May I use

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