implicit knowledge

Implicit Knowledge

Translating subconscious skill and implicit knowledge into conscious action A substantial portion of the knowledge one acquires over the course of a lifetime is implicit, meaning that is stored and recalled subconsciously. This includes most motor patterns used throughout the spectrum of physical activities, from pedaling a bicycle to shooting a basketball. In his book, Incognito:

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test workouts and performance under stress

Test Workouts and Performance Under Stress

Stephane Roberts interviewed me a while ago along with Mark Twight, Martin Rooney and Dan John to contribute for a TMuscle article called Pushing the Limits. He asked me for my thoughts on the “test” workouts to push mental and physical capacity to a breaking point. Here’s my portion of the interview: “I don’t like most

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i get it

I Get It

“I get it.” One of the greatest barriers to learning and becoming a better version of oneself is the phrase “I get it.” Being aware of a piece of knowledge doesn’t necessarily mean that you truly understand and implement it in your life. We all have comfort zones, like thermostats, and the idea that we

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