Barefoot Fitness features the only Precision Nutrition Level Two certified coaches in South Dakota.

Precision Nutrition is the world's largest, most successful nutrition coaching program for making lifelong changes.

It's not about magic pills, boxes of supplements, fad diets or searching for the one magical piece of information (The right diet? Fasting? Acai berries?) that will finally make it all happen.

It's about:

  • Finding the surprisingly simple core pieces that make any healthy way of eating successful, and
  • Helping you build the habits and behaviors that support them, in a way that works for you.

Whether you've lost track of time while taking care of kids, a job and a million other projects and somehow forgot along the way to take care of your own health, or you want to regain control of your body like you had when you were younger, Abby and Janaye are here to help you.

Their first Precision Nutrition coaching groups will start on January 2nd of 2017.

If you're interested in joining or would like more information, contact either:

[email protected] (Watertown/East River)
[email protected] (Black Hills/West River)

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